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I have been legally known in Darwin as:
(a) Ronald Mann 1942-1992;
(b) Count Roman Dambski II from 1992;
(c) Prince Roman since 1995.

Dambski of Lubraniec married into Polish & Lithuanian Princely/Royal families including Radziwill (1701) Sapieha, Gedroyc, Potocki and Leszczynski.

Polish Infantry Lt. Roman Dambski of Lubraniec (born 2.VII.1941 (?) Boryslaw Ukraine; died 20.XI.1967 Gliwice Poland) came to Edinburgh Scotland in wartime 1940, was stationed at the then Paderewski Hospital, & remained seven years until 1947.

I am his son (born 7th March 1942), my sister Christine (born 8th January 1945) is his daughter, by Katherine Mann (born 21 November 1913, birth name Morgan, Belgian father formerly Waersegers).

Between 1947 & 1960 I attended Trinity Academy Primary & then Secondary School in Edinburgh.

By my father's signet I became Count of Lubraniec in 1960, & I also graduated with "A"s in Science & Languages. However, my desire to become an Astronomer was primarily thwarted by my failure to get an "A" in mathematics.

From 1961 to 1966 I served in the Royal Air Force & was posted to RAF Steamer Point, Aden. There I first met Lavender D'Souza (later Da Costa Fernandes) from Goa, because of whom I studied Catholicism and joined the local Franciscan mission choir.

In 1967 I emigrated to Australia & served in the Victorian Public Works Department until 1970.

From 1970 to 1973 I served with the Australian Department of District Administration in Papua New Guinea, including a brief stint with ASIO.

In 1973 I travelled to England on board the SS Australis, & entered the Civil Service.

I was promoted to Executive Officer with HM Customs & Excise, & also joined the Royal Navy Reserve as a Medic.

In 1975 I married Filipino teacher/nurse Fele in Dover & we flew to Darwin & joined the Australian Public Service, I to Commonwealth Sub-Treasury, she to Royal Darwin Hospital.

In 1976 we started the Legion of Mary & Third Order of St Francis in Darwin & joined FAANT (until 1990).

I was made permanent in the Attorney-General's Department, & in 1978 was transferred to the Department of Law as OIC Debt Recoveries until I resigned in 1986.

With Fele, I was a presenter of Darwin Radio Top-FM's Filipino Hour from 1981 to 1986.

In 1985 I was defamed by the local press, and the Northern Territory News paid to avoid trial in 1990.

In 1986 I became Senior Bishop of the Church of the Modern Apostles Inc. by default, & the Order of St Basil Inc. then elected me Church of the Reconciliation Bishop & Prior.

I received Honorary Doctorates of Divinity from CMA and Reconciliation, and an experiential Doctor of Philosophy from the then International Institute of Graduate Studies, Canberra, of which I was appointed Professor of Theology.

In 1988 I graduated Doctor of Naturopathy ND from the Anglo-American Institute of Drugless Therapies UK.

In 1990 I graduated Doctor of Divinity DD from St Basil's Seminary/ Theological  College in Hobart.

In 1990 Fele and I left FAANT & I founded & was first president of the charity Filipino Club Darwin, incorporated 1991, which helps orphanages, asylum seekers, and domestic violence victims, and holds an annual Super Gala Night and Beauty Pageant for Miss Philippines Australia NT. We have had first runners up in the National Pageant in Sydney in 2003 and 2005.

In 1991 an ABC-televised attempted illegal takeover of FCD supported by FAANT & former Honorary Philippines Consul Rene Penaloza failed, and he subsequently resigned his office.

In 1992 I discovered my father's tomb in Warsaw said Count of Lubraniec & Grand Prince of Lithuania.

I became the de jure Sovereign of Lithuania recorded by letters patent dated 12 February 1993.

On 24 May 1994 I was elected a founding Senator of LBKS at a televised 400-strong Lithuanian nobles congress in Vilnius.

In 1996 I founded the charity Universal Family, a Corporation Sole recognising everyone everywhere as a child of God with responsibility towards less fortunate brothers and sisters - global recognition that, regardless or race or creed, we are all God's children, God's family, is the only path to World Peace.

In 1998 I & the Universal Family marriage blessing were defamed with impunity in the Darwin Parliament by former minister Mick Palmer, and I was further defamed by the local monopolistic Northern Territory News.

Peter Knobel of the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs (now DIMIA) lied in early 2000 to enable investigation of Fele and me, & his cohort James McLoughlan passed a fabricated file, beginning with the 1998 Parliamentary defamation, to the Australian Federal Police AFP mid May 2000.

During the night of 25-26 May 2000 armed Australian Federal Police invaded our sovereign & innocent home - those involved were Ian Quirk, Ramzi Jabbour, Elizabeth Swain, Andrew Warton, Peter Moore, and Kylie Pratt, accompanied by NT Police Sergeant Paul Tudor-Stack.

I was on a charity mission in the Philippines and, considering that the AFP knew Fele was a senior and that she was the sole resident at the time, and expecting that she was in bed asleep, the invasion was cowardly, vindictive, carried out as by thieves in the night, and could have resulted in her death (had she been at home to experience the shock). Fele was already traumatized from a forced entry by the AFP around noon.

The AFP caused Fele severe trauma later cancer, interfered with Universal Family and its ministry, & hurt our family life and sleep, reputation, and charitable activities.

We sued for damages for abuse, my sovereign credentials were discovered, AFP agents perjured themselves in court to harm our reputations further, and the judge David Angel ordered $75,000 costs against us their victims. We have received no apologies from anyone, and no compensation to date.

Therefore, we are currently seeking substantial reparation from the Australian Commonwealth & from the Northern Territory.

Immigration (then DIMA) seriously harassed genuine Filipino asylum seekers I was assisting, & then came prepared to impeach me before the High Court on 4th August 2000. They failed.

In 2001 I founded & incorporated the NT Filmmakers Association, and I was elected its first president.

In May 2002 Fele was operated for cancer, & in July 2002 I had to have a prostate operation. My immediate heirs are therefore my adopted daughters Princess Shirley (born 20 November 1967) or Princess Edith (born 20 August 1970), and Shirley's son Prince Janray.

In early 2004 I created the Royal Lithuanian Order to reward those who truly serve my Sovereign quest to fully restore the Kingdom of Lithuania.

Fele was knighted Lady Grand Commander of the chivalric charity the Most Noble Order of Rizal, & she received a government Tribute to Northern Territory Women (2004) award for services to the community.

We have both been praised in Hansard a number of times, and in 2004 I was made a Knight Grand Cross (Rizal) for my contributions to humanity & peace.

In 2004 my European Ambassador in Belgium, History Professor and Doctor, Sir Claude Chaussier, authored 
"Restoring the Monarchy in Lithuania", which I have translated into English. It will be published when funding is available.

On 24 May 2005 I broadcast a Royal Proclamation restoring the Kingdom of Lithuania to be a Constitutional Monarchy and subject to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

My principal current missions are to achieve, with God's help:
(a) early full restoration of the Kingdom of Lithuania and my coronation; and
(b) reparation from the Commonwealth & NT governments. (Anything not needed for fully restoring the Kingdom of Lithuania  will be distributed to the destitute and to related projects.)

I invite your generous assistance in either or both of the above missions.

Dr Prince Roman DD ND, HRH Prince Roman, HM King Roman I, De jure Sovereign, Grand Prince, & King of Lithuania

Email hmkingroman@yahoo.com

Phone Darwin (08) 89481123

Civil Action by "Prince Roman", Darwin, Australia, 2000 -

Both King Roman and his wife Lady Fele were completely innocent parties in the following fiasco. They were innocent of wrongdoing, and never charged. Yet they have to date received no apology from the Commonwealth and Northern Territory Governments.

On the contrary, a Supreme Court decision in favour of the Commonwealth by Justice David Angel on 12 March 2004 against "Prince Roman" and Fele who have lived in Darwin, Australia for 30 years, exacerbated the wrongs done to them and was totally unjust. In June 2000 King Roman and his wife sued the Commonwealth after armed Australian Federal Police invaded, ransacked and raided their sovereign home on the night of 25-26 May 2000. The judge conveniently read out of context a remark by Prince Roman about the Queen, as a pretext to avoid the consequences of Roman's sovereignty. Angel (sic) purposely avoided the facts that the AFP raided private and sovereign premises on the basis of information given to them under self-serving circumstances by persons who had been illegally in Australia undetected for six years, and one of whom had prior to this been convicted of felony, imprisonned, and deported back to Fiji. Aliba was known to them as a person who had lied and changed her story a number of times, who had forged a variety of documents, and who had been receiving Centrelink allowances under a number of different aliases.

AFP agents acted illegally, and perjured themselves during trial in an attempt to destroy before the court the reputations of King Roman and Lady Fele, who were and are community leaders awarded for their humanitarian works. (Fele was recipient of the 2004 Tribute to Territory Women award from the NT Chief Minister for services to her community) 

For their cooperation with the AFP, the illegal and lying Alibas received special treatment not accorded to any other illegal immigrants, and were allowed to stay in Australia, rewarded for their illegality and crookedness. (Should Immigration say at some stage that Aliba was returned to Fiji, then it means that her son, who will be 18 this month 9/05 and lives in Darwin, was illegally separated by Immigration from both his parents).

King Roman and Fele are still, five years on, waiting for an apology and compensation from the Commonwealth and Northern Territory Governments for the complicity of their agents.

King Roman was the de jure Grand Prince and Sovereign of Lithuania since 1993.

Born of "royal blood" on 7 March 1942, King Roman (then known as Ronald Mann) was educated at Trinity Academy Edinburgh Scotland.

He graduated in Science & Languages in 1960, the same year he inherited the title of Count (Dambski of Lubraniec, Poland), by his father's signet.

Five years in the Royal Air Force, saw him posted to the Secretariat at HQ Middle East Command, Steamer Point, Aden in 1962; on wildlife photographic  safaris in Kenya in 1963; and becoming a Catholic in pursuit of a lovely Goan girl called Lavender D'Souza (now Fernandes?), whom he later dated in London and Lourdes.

King Roman wrote his first books in Aden, including the miracle-laden "Roads to Rome".

He returned to England in 1964 and was professed in the Secular Franciscan Order in 1965.

He then studied at the Mill Hill Missionaries seminary in Rosendaal Holland in 1966.

In 1967 he emigrated to Australia where he joined the Victorian Public Works Accounts Department, and became a regular singer/ guitarist on Melbourne Radio 3DB's Dick Cranbourne's Country & Western Show.

He also learned to fly at Moorabbin Airport, and later in PNG.

Turning down a recording contract offered after the final of four appearances on GTV9 New Faces, he went to the Australian School of Pacific Administration after being selected to be a Patrol Officer in Papua New Guinea.

He trained also at Kwikila, Brown River, and was stationed mainly at Sub-District Office Ela Beach in Port Moresby, later at Lae and Rabaul.

During this time King Roman acted also as a Local Court Magistrate, and briefly as a Cryptographer for ASIO.

He sang shows for the ABC, and acted as security for Prince Philip's visit to the Port Moresby Royal Agricultural Show.

After cruising from Melbourne to Southampton on SS Australis in 1973, King Roman joined the Civil Service Inland Revenue in Bath, and was then promoted to Executive Officer (Preventive) in HM Customs & Excise at Dover.

In 1975 he married a Filipina, Fele Javier, at St Paul's Church, Dover, and they flew to Australia.

Settling in post Cyclone Tracy Darwin, King Roman joined the Australian Public Service, first in Commonwealth Sub-Treasury, then with permanence in the Commonwealth Attorney-General's Department.

He revived the Legion of Mary and initiated the Third Order of St Francis at St Mary's Cathedral, both of which visit and help the aged, sick and lonely.

At Northern Territory self-government in 1978, he was transferred as Officer in Charge of Debt Recoveries in the Northern Territory Department of Law.

He was active in community service as an officer of the Filipino-Australian Association of the NT, President of the Legion of Mary, and Minister of three congregations of the Secular Franciscan Order.

In 1981 King Roman adopted two Filipino girls, Shirley (14) and Edith (11), and was appointed Group Leader of the inaugural Port Darwin Sea Scouts.

He also became a presenter/singer (including Filipino lyrics) of the Filipino Hour on Radio TOP-FM, and an Australian Yachting Federation certificated sailing instructor.

King Roman became part-time manager of Zenith (Film, TV and Modelling) Promotions in 1983, and chaperoned Angelina D'Arcy (singing "Queen of Hearts"), and later Grace Dequen (hula-dancing to "Pearly Shells"), to perform on Young Talent Time in Melbourne.

In 1985 he was requested to do the Darwin casting for "Crocodile Dundee" (which became Australia's box office breaking comedy), and was elected a bishop of the liberal Church of the Modern Apostles Inc.

King Roman was a member of the Producers & Directors Guild of Australia, and of Actors Equity, and various other organisations, including Australian Society of Authors, International Brotherhood of Magicians, and Australian Institute of Professional Photography.

Resigning from the Public Service in 1986, he was granted a PhD in Theology, and  appointed Professor of Theology of then International Institute of Graduate Studies, Canberra.

He became Senior Bishop of the Modern Apostles that year by default, and then accepted election as Bishop/Prior for the Northern Territory (and later Queensland) by the Order of St Basil Incorporated & the Church of the Reconciliation (Tasmania).

In 1988 he received a graduate diploma in Professional Herbalism from the Northern Institute of Botanical Medicine (Qld), in 1990 a doctoral diploma in Naturopathy from the Anglo-American Institute of Drugless Therapies (UK), and in 1992 a doctorate in Divinity from St Basil's Theological College (Hobart).

In 1990 he founded the Filipino Club Darwin Inc. to help needy Filipinos and others in Australia and the Philippines.

In 1992, now registered as Count Roman Dambski II, and standing for election to Lord Mayor, he was adopted and mandated by his stepmother (Grand Princess) Paulina Giedroyc to restore family titles.

In 1993 Count Roman succeeded as His Royal Highness, Prince Roman II, Grand Duke (properly Grand Prince) of Lithuania, and in 1994 he addressed around 400 Lithuanian nobles in Vilnius to restore the Grand Duchy (properly Grand Principality) of Lithuania.

King Roman made a brief film debut in 1995, as a pirate in Simon Wincer's "The Phantom" (Billy Zane, Catherine Zeta-Jones).

He professed the Universal Family, acknowledging God our Father and everyone in the Universe our brothers and sisters - the Universal Family was placed under auspices of the Grand Duchy (properly Grand Principality) in 1996.

King Roman subsequently attended workshops by various critically acclaimed and awarded film directors, writers and musicians.

In 2001 he founded the NT Filmmakers Association (NTFA) Inc. and was elected its founding President.

In 2002 he scripted a feature "The Enemies Within!" (currently in development), about the plight of two Filipino asylum seekers in Australia, and the targetting of the one who helped them - the idea was praised by various Australian Screen Directors Association members.

For services to humanity and peace, King Roman was made a Knight Commander of the Most Noble Order of Rizal, and promoted to Knight Grand Cross in 2003.

King Roman instituted the Royal Lithuanian Order in 2004 to reward those who provide special services.

Talk to King Roman about anything...be his new friend or support...email hmkingroman@yahoo.com

(ISBN number indicates his published works, *=printed)

1. "The Enemies Within!"* (Script) - 2002

"Grand Prince" (ISBN 0 9587209 6 7) - 2000

"Universal Family Ministers Guide" (0 9587209 5 9) - 1998

4. "Secret Universe" (0 9587209 1 6) - 1997

"Nature the Best Medicine" (0 9586777 6 X) - 1996

6. "Universal Family" (0 9586777 5 1) - 1996

"Mann's Magic" (0 9586777 4 3) - 1996

8. "Chess Magic" (0 9586777 3 5) - 1996

"Top UFO Secret" (0 9586777 2 7) - 1996

"From Victim to Victory" (0 9586777 1 9) - 1996

"Blinding Truth" (0 9586777 0 0) - 1996

12. "The Catholic Millenium" (0 8062 2127 5) - 1984

"A Little Calendar of Franciscan Third Order Saints"* - 1977

"Roads to Rome"* - 1964

Contact: unifamily@yahoo.com.au



Lithuania is no longer a Republic.

On 24 May 2005, by virtue of his de jure sovereignty, in the tradition of uncrowned Lithuanian Kings Gediminas and Vytutis the Great, Grand Prince Roman assumed the title King of Lithuania and, further, proclaimed Lithuania a Kingdom in perpetuity, to be democratically ruled according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The Royal Decree was notified to Reuters, United Press International, and Australian Associated Press on that day.

Official transition matters and date for his coronation have still to be arranged.

Lithuanian Royal Union of Nobility in Vilnius now accepts the correctness of Grand Lithuanian Principality.

And under revision of Letters Patent on 12 November 2004 from precedent on original LP, the de jure Grand Prince and Sovereign of Lithuania was more properly entitled since 12th February 1993, and is now therefore properly titled, His Majesty, Grand Prince Roman II, Grand Prince of Lithuania - HM Prince Roman for short.

A Dambski Palace existed in 17th century at Torun near Warsaw, Poland, until  the Prussian partition of 1793.

A Lithuanian Assembly in 1918 sought to make  Lithuania a Constitutional Monarchy under a German Prince. However, this was thwarted when Germany lost World War 1 - see LITUANUS

The current de jure Grand Prince of Lithuania has two personal maxims: "Always True"; and "Integrity & Perseverance".

Preliminary observations:
Grand Prince is the correct styling for the person who is usually referred to as Grand Duke. This is indicated, for example, on

The Herbarz Polski makes references to W. Ks. Lit. = Grand Prince of Lithuania.

Although the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was under the King of Poland a ruling Grand Prince existed,
sometimes residing in Poland and actually ruling Lithuania separately.

The Polish King was styled Magnus Dux (Grand Duke) not Magnus Princeps (Grand Prince).

Confusion was maintained under two centuries of Russian subjugation of Lithuania, taking its lead from the last Polish King and Polish tradition, not Lithuanian.

The Tomb of Roman I in Warsaw is inscribed: "Count of Lubraniec" and "Grand Prince of Lithuania".

The Grand Principality of Lithuania has also had several Kings of its own, who were either crowned or recognised.

The Dambski Royal House has had a number of marriages with Polish/Lithuanian Royals.

HM Prince Roman will, God-willing, restore the Throne of the Grand Principality as King, with the support of nobility and peoples of the Grand Principality of Lithuania.

Paulina Giedroyc Dambska (+1993), or Lila, was the wife of Prince Roman's natural father the hereditary Grand Prince of Lithuania Roman Emiljan Dambski (1901-1967), who succeeded Karol Godziemba Dambski murdered in 1936.

They came from a Royal House of the lineage of Counts Dambski of Lubraniec, by  marriages with Radziwill and Gedroyc Princesses.

Some other Royal Families into which Dambskis have married are Polubinski, Sapieha, Potocki, and Leszczynski.

Mindaugas, Gediminas and Vytautas were recognised as Kings, and reference to the Kingdom of Lithuania is observed in the recent statute of the Royal Union of Lithuanian Nobility, LRUN or LBKS, in Vilnius.

From these bases stem Prince Roman's desire, in line with a mandate given to him by Princess Paulina in 1992 a few months before she died, to restore the Kingdom of Lithuania.

He has indicated his intent - to restore royal sovereignty in Lithuania - to a world congress of around 400 Lithuanian nobility at Vilnius Town Hall on 23 April 1994.

Prince Roman will then seek to re-unify Lithuania, Belarus, and Ukraine as one United Kingdom, and to include Latvia and Estonia.

Communist influences were still rife in 1994, because Lithuania had only recently regained its independance from Russia.

The newly formed Lithuanian Royal Nobility Association at the time, of which Prince Roman/Count Dambski was elected a founding Senator, subsequently changed in 1996, with a gathering of around 200 nobles, the ranks of which have swollen by LBKS legitimation to over 1000.

HM Prince Roman says: "I believe a Royal Union of Lithuania, Belarus & Ukraine, will enhance the world image of the Kingdom, and the pride & prosperity of the people".

De jure Sovereign Grand Prince Roman respects the integrity of the government of Lithuania, currently for a second time under President Valdas Adamkus since 2004 and Prime Minister Algirdas Brazauskas. Lithuania was recently admitted to the European Union.

He respects the nobility of Lithuania, the right of Lithuanian religions over their own courts, and the human rights of all Lithuanians of the "Grand Kingdom".

Prince Roman's step-adoptive-mandating mother Paulina was the eldest child of Prince Wladislaw Giedroyc (1862-1943).

Her mother was Margueritte Renee, Marquise de Pourbaix, Belgium, (1878-1952).

Around 1094, the "Herbarz Polski" tells us, a Dabski uprooted a young fir tree to defend his King.

Hence the origin of the Dambski of Lubraniec Arms, which comprises three fir trees joined at the trunk.

More recently Prince Roman's Dambski of Lubraniec Lineage is confirmed by a document with attached seal of  Augustus III, King of Poland.

This impressive document in Latin and Polish names
"Kazimierz Jozef, Hrabia na Lubrancu Dambski".

KAZIMIERZ (1702-1778): married Princess Teresa Dambska 1726.

- Princess Teresa was daughter of Wojciech Dambski & Princess Adelajdy Cecylje Radziwill -

Princess Adelajdy was daughter of Prince Dominika Radziwill & Princess Anny Polubinski (Lithuanian)-

WINCENTY (1783-1855): married Princess Weronika Gedroyc 1789.
KAROL Godziemba (1869-1936): married Jozefa of Fihauser 1890.

ROMAN I (1901 1967): married Princess Paulina Giedroyc 1927.

ROMAN II (1942 ---) married Fele Javier 1975. 

Additional ancestry from Prince Roman's step-adoptive-mandating mother Grand Princess Paulina is as follows:

PAULINA (1905-1993): eldest child of Prince Wladislaw Ignacy Marek Giedroyc (1862-1942).

WLADISLAW's lineage follows:

JAROSLAW (1832-1912) and Paulina Orda.

IGNACY (born 1793) and Elzbieta Dobrzanska.

TADEUSZ and Julijana Miedzichowska.

LP Poland 1569; Vilnius 1811; Russia 1865, 1866, 1875, 1878, 1880; St Petersburg 1873.

The Polish Gedroyc Arms are of Prince.

HM Prince Roman's immediate current descendants are:

1. HRH Crown Princess Shirley (20 November 1966 -----).

2. Her son HRH Prince Janray (1994 ----).

Princess Paulina was interned by the Nazis in World War II. She was advised dead between 1940-1946.

In 1946, after the births of Roman I's Scottish children, Ronald and Christine, Paulina was found to have survived the Holocaust.

Prior to his return to Poland in 1947, Grand Prince Roman passed descent to the current Grand Prince Roman by means of his Family Signet.

This Family Signet (gold with platinum inset bearing the Dambski arms) was subsequently given to Prince Roman by his mother when he came of age, and he, preferring not to wear rings, returned it to her for safekeeping.

His Earl Marshal (ceased 31 December 2004), Sir Dux Carlo de Legazpi and Duke of Vivar-Maniquiz, suggested new Arms to better reflect Prince Roman's ancestry.

These were created in 2004 by Sir Russell Giampietro, and incorporate arms of Dambski, Radziwill, Giedroyc, and Gedroyc, with Lithuania in the centre. 

HM Prince Roman's proposal for reuniting Lithuania, Belorus and Ukraine as a Kingdom,  is indicated in the following (draft) Royal Charter:

"Roman II, King of the United Kingdom of Lithuania, Grand Prince of (each) Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Livonia, Vladimir, and Novgarod; Prince of (each)  Aukstota, Bryansk, Chernikov, Chernobyl, Courland, Galicz, Gorodno, Kosovo, Krvavc, Kyiv, Lvov, Minsk, Moldova, Novaharodak, Turau,Ossetia, Oswiecem, Palanga, Perjaslavl, Polock, Pskov, Ratno, Riazan, Rostov, Santok, Smolensk, Starodub, Trakai, Turau, Tver, and Vitebsk; Marquis of Giedroyc; Count of (each) Lubraniec and Pourbaix; Sovereign of the Royal Lithuanian Order, & of the Most Honourable Orders of the White Knights and of Saint Andrew; Patriarch of Universal Family.

By the Grace of God our Father, TO ALL AND SINGULAR to whom these Present,

Whereas by Our Letters Patent under Our Great Seal, We discover our Arms:

And We call upon all our subjects and friends for their support, that the world may recognise the Grand Principality of Lithuania as a United Kingdom comprising Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, together with willing satellites, and others who desire to link with Us in a Constitutional Monarchy and Council of Princes.

We Decree:

1. The United Kingdom of Lithuania comprises member and related States under the peaceful Monarchy of King Roman and the Constitution.

2. Member States comprise Lithuania, Belarus, and Ukraine; related States are willing States whose borders were linked, or which have some special relationship or particular desire, and are accepted, to be joined in the Royal Alliance.

3. Presidents of States which comprise or freely enter this Royal Alliance may be designated Princes for the duration of their elected tenures.

4. All member States of the Royal Alliance may be re-designated Principalities.."

(a complete draft may be requested by email to
HM Grand Prince Roman II )

The accrued titles above, from Livonia through Vitebsk, were provisionally legally discovered by Prince Roman's former Chief Herald, Anthony Buckland.

On 22 November 2002, the World Council of the Most Noble Order of Rizal affirmed: "In a unanimous decision of the World Council Lords of the Noble Order, we are pleased to announce the admission to the Noble Order of His (Majesty) Prince Roman II, heir to the throne of the Grand (Principality) of Lithuania as a Knight Grand Commander (KGCDMR)...".

On the 15th day of April 2003, Prince Roman was  elevated to the highest rank in the Noble Order of Rizal -Knight Grand Cross.

In Letters Patent of 12 February 1993
, the Lithuanian College of Heraldry/ Royal College of Arms, which enjoys Royal Patronage, states:
"Whereas on the 30th day of November 1992, Her Royal Highness Princess Paulina, Grand (Princess) of Lithuania, recognised H(M) Roman Dambski II, The Count of Lubraniec, as her adopted son. He and his heirs are mandated with the responsibility of reestablishing the (Grand) Principality of Lithuania, and by her assent and command Roman Dambski II shall...from this day forth be known as (His Majesty), Prince Roman II, The Grand (Prince) of Lithuania" - brackets indicate corrected text by LP of 12th November 2004.

The Statute of the current Lithuanian Royal Association of Nobility (LBKS/LRUN) observed: "The nobility of Lithuania did not cease to exist when the Kingdom of Lithuania was transformed into the Grand (Principality) of Lithuania, nor in 1795, when Russia annexed the remaining lands of the Grand (Principality) of Lithuania..."

In 2003, Prince Roman    founded the Royal Lithuanian Order.

Each of his three Orders exists to recognize and promote: 
(1) remarkable achievement, (2) outstanding charity, and
(3) proven loyalty.

Would YOU qualify to be a Knight of the Grand Principality (Kingdom) of Lithuania?

If you will/satisfy any of the above attributes, you may be registered as a KNIGHT (Sir or Lady).

You may also be SPECIALLY recognised, by the Royal Court, with a Title, and/or an Office from Royal Councillor to Ambassador, from General to Envoy, according to your particular talent/s.

Tell us the good things about you, your goals, your achievements, and your character, by answering the Petition for Knighthood link.

As forementioned the Royal Family of Dambski has at various times married Polish and Lithuanian Royals, for example Radziwill and Gedroyc Princesses.

Examples are Albrecht Dambski with Cecylje Radziwill, and Wojciech Dambski with Adelajdy Radziwill (both 18th Century); and Wincenty Dambski with Weronika Gedroyc (19th Century).

Corrections and constructive criticism are cordially courted, and HM Prince Roman will respond to these personally.

Email: HM Grand Prince Roman II

Phone: +61 (08) 8948-1123.
124/7 Progress Drive, Coconut Grove, Darwin NT 0810, Australia.

ALL by the will and grace of GOD, who is the Universal Creator & Father of us ALL.

We are all brothers and sisters in GOD's Universal Spirit.

Instead of maintaining hatred, oppression, terror, and war, Prince Roman exhorts that we ALL behave  as Family to one another, so that all our brothers and sisters throughout the World will have the opportunity to find peace, prosperity, happiness, and joy.

He wishes each one of you every blessing.



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